Foad Memariaan is known as graphic designer.

Founder of Chakaame with CHAKAAME online art shop ( An Art, fashion shop, entertainment brand and media that it introduces, produces and sells Clothes, Carpets, Accessories and jewelries that has been designed exclusively by him that they are related to Persian culture, Persian traditional music and Persian poetry)


Now in 2022 after nearly 17 years of work experiences, in the last 5 years, he has been focused on designing his imaginations and viewpoints about Persian and world wide languages poetries for the products of the CHAKAAME Art brand.


With his knowledge about his audiences and customers, thousands of his designed products have been released all around the world.

In his designs he uses calligraphy tools specially digital calligraphy to make the structure of the graphic designs and typographies and then he combines the colors and graphic textures to completes and finalizes his designs.


He is in the efforts to implement creative designs of poetries that they are being performed in different languages of the world.

And soon he will be hold independent and collaborative exhibitions in Asia, Europe and North America.


Due to his interests in poetries, he has published “declamations” or narrating Persian poetries as music on music platforms with his voice and now he is learning and playing a traditional Persian instrument called "Tanbur".

What I did before? on online shopping:

Delivered Products
Persian Designs
Orders around the world

Since 2016, with the chakaame store, we sent more than 25,000 products of my own designs to all countries.

And now, on this website, I offer special products that are usually made in the United States to those who are interested.